Bespoke Leather Shoes

Our commitment is to offer to our clients the best products and experiences.

Making shoes is storytelling, and the client is always the main character. Starting from taking measurement, the client will be lead through out a vast range of leather types, leather colors, models, and fits. The master is always by his side, advising and, if necessary a prototype sample is made (a test fitted shoe), which the client can try on and get a better feeling of the final result.


Shoes are made in a traditional way, which means sewing the upper part to the sole by a welt – this is how the best shoes in world are crafted, providing a flawless classic look. Thus shoes can be worn several years without changing their shape or deteriorating.



Natural leather processed in various ways is the only material used for classic shoes. Soft leather, usually calfskin, is preferred for the upper part; “box calf” is the best leather. However, our shoemaker advises the clients to choose crocodile skin for shoes that look the same 20 years later, considering that it is not only beautiful, but also long lasting.


Our bespoke shoes are available on demand only. For more details and inquires please contact us.