We are always trying to offer to our clients the best possible made-to-measure experience possible. Therefore, we are proud to announce SCABAL “Made to Measure” products are available for Zenonni’s clients starting with May 2016.

Scabal credo is “We never cut costs when it comes to materials”. Only the noblest materials provide the results and comfort worthy of the Scabal name.

Constant improvement through research and design is another strength of Scabal. They are only  employing highly skilled personnel so that there is a specialist at every stage of their fully owned production process, whether it be for their suits or for their fabrics. This ensures a consistently high level of quality, from the sheep to the shop, fully controlled by Scabal.

In addition to these ingredients, there is the extensive range of possibilities offered by a large stock of 5,000 fabrics and made-to-measure ranges, plus the quality and reliability of the company’s service.

This is why Scabal is the preferred menswear supplier to its clients, offering them the art of self-expression through their exclusive clothing.


Quality is the most important value for us and for our clients as well. In our showrooms you will discover a complete SCABAL made-to-measure experience, starting with the choosing of the fabrics and finishing with having your measurements taken by our 30 years-experience tailor.

In order to exceed your expectations we will create/craft/sew your order directly at Scabal’s specialized made-to-measure garments production atelier situated in Germany, EU.

In this way we are able to offer you a 100% exclusively made by SCABAL product, under the guidance of our consultants.

SCABAL Fabrics

From Huddersfield, UK, SCABAL is able to produce two seasonal collections per year, together with several “SPECIAL EDITIONS” bunches, like “Noble Fleece”, “Lapis Lazuli” or “Vicuna”.

For you, that means almost 600 new articles, unique in design and colors each season, and a total of 5000 articles, spread in over 100 bunches, available all year around.

What is SCABAL known for?

  • Expertise in Superfine Wool Processing
  • British Tradition & Heritage

Pioneer in fabric development

  • Constant research for finer and more luxurious fibres
  • Personal pinstripe in our “Private Line” collection
  • Fabric qualities starting from top quality raw materials (white cashmere, yangir, guanaco…)
  • Introduction of Super 120’s, 150’s, 180’s, 200’s and more


  • Blending of finest wool and precious materials: Diamond Chip, Lapis Lazuli, Gold Treasure
  • Rare Fibres: Vicuna, Worsted Vicuna for Suitings
  • Performance Fabrics: Hercules (natural stretch)

The World of SCABAL


SCABAL products and fabrics are available for made to measure services. For more details and inquires please contact us.