PRESS RELEASE: Zenonni has become the official partner of Scabal

  • Romanian premium tailoring brand Zenonni Su Misura becomes partner of Scabal, known English brand famous for the outfits worn in movies from the James Bond series or by personalities like Barack Obama.
  • 5,000 fabrics, dozens of models of suits and new lines of product are thus available to Zenonni’s clients
  • Zenonni Su Misura, already present in three European capitals (Bucharest, Moscow and Chisinau), expects a 15% turnover increase in the first year of this new partnership.

Bucharest, May 2016. The Romanian premium tailoring brand Zenonni Su Misura entered the exclusive network of Scabal partners, a historical name known on the famous Savile Row, the street of luxury tailors in London. Thus, the Zenonni products, manufactured with traditional international brands, such as Zegna, Loro Piana and Holland & Sherry, are now completed with Scabal products, entirely made in the English brand’s shops.

Because of this partnership, Zenonni’s clients can now order suits entirely made by Scabal in the Germany and Italy shops. Scabal is known for the quality fabrics made in England since the sixteenth century, but also for its long history in crafting suits. They realized outfits for famous Hollywood names (Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan, Clive Owen, Colin Firth), but also for films such as Golden Eye, Casino Royale, Men in Black, The Wolf of Wall Street and, not least, for Barack Obama, the US president.

Scabal collections have approximately 5,000 fabrics, from the finest wool (Vicuna) to the rarest combinations with fragments of precious stones: Diamond Chip, Lapis Lazuli, Gold Treasure. Zenonni’s clients will have access to all this huge database of fabrics, patterns and Scabal product lines.

The partnership with Scabal involved a thorough audit for several months investigating the Romanian brand Zenonni Su Misura. The production, business, customer service and customer database processes were analyzed. Finally, Olivier V. Slock, Sales Director of Scabal, concluded: “I appreciated not only the open mindedness, but also the professionalism and the high level of technical knowledge of the Zenonni team; we are convinced that we have found the ideal partner in Bucharest, Chisinau and Moscow.”

Simona Hulber, Co Founder of Zenonni and Fashion Adviser:”In order to craft a Scabal suit, Zenonni advisers take measures, determine the customization together with the client and configure the suit, stylistically and technically. Scabal provides a wide range of fabrics, accessories, quality products and technical support. The Zenonni customer thus benefits from the experience of a brand with decades of history and an internationally recognized quality product. Such collaboration is really efficient and beneficial to customers.”

Sartorial tailoring (made-to-measure) is a niche business which does not follow the retail model; it works on orders from individual customers and offers exclusive personalized service. Overall, in terms of quality, there are three segmentations for the made-to-measure suits: fused, for industrial quality products (the quality is similar to a retail product), half canvas and full canvas (superior quality, long-term resistance and highly customizable). The last two categories are top quality for made-to-measure suits.

Ciprian Vlad, Co Founder of Zenonni: “In recent years our efforts have been focused towards offering highest quality products to support the successful entry into new markets. Therefore Zenonni chose to introduce Scabal as a standalone product.”

Zenonni Su Misura, a business of EUR 700,000/year, is present on three markets (Romania, Moldova and Russia) and expects a 15% turnover increase in the first year of this new partnership.

About Zenonni Su Misura

Zenonni Su Misura is a family business present on the Romanian market for 12 years and on the world markets since 2013, when it opened the Chisinau (Moldova) showroom. In 2015, a third showroom opened in Moscow, a highly competitive market for premium men’s fashion.

About Scabal

Scabal group has 600 employees and only 65 partners worldwide. Its history began in the sixteenth century, with a fabric factory; since 1937, when it began crafting made-to-measure suits, Scabal has been recognized as one of the biggest names in luxury tailoring. Scabal is known to Romanians too, being present on the market here for about 7 years.


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