Garderobia - Professional Shirt & Suit Care

The one special service for care of your shirts and suits.

The feature of “Garderobia” we are most proud of is the “care service” for shirts and suits. The idea came from our desire to offer the “tailor made” garments, a special treatment, in order to always look sharp, clean and to prolong their life.

We have prepared for you a service which offers the highest levels of quality for the maintenance of shirts and suits.

The services included

  • Pick-up and delivery of the products from/at the client – see the subscriptions page
  • Each shirt/suit is individually checked and cleaned.
  • Close inspection of the products, checking the stains and defects that may appear after daily wear.
  • The stains are treated before or after the cleaning, taking into consideration the type of stain or the specifications of the fabric.
  • The buttons are checked carefully, the stich is reinforced where needed and if the buttons are damaged or missing, they are replaced, free of charge.
  • Each client will receive a cost estimate for the  adjustments, in case they are necessary.
  • The cleaning is being done in a wet-cleaning system.
  • The ironing is done manually, for a perfect look. The manual ironing is recommended to all tailor made products, where the pieces are made on unique pattern and sizes and they cannot be ironed in any industrial system. For example: the chest piece is not flat and industrial system can damage the final apparel of the product.
  • On demand you can ask for “special starching” for the collar, when cleaning the shirts.
  • The final inspection of your garments is done by checking each product processed by the special care procedure. Each garment must receive the best grade from the quality inspectors for Garderobia System. They must always answer the key question: “„Would I be proud to wear this garment?”
  • The cleaning is done using the Lagoon® professional system from Electrolux (wet-cleaning system, available only in Romania), which uses only water as a natural solvent ensuring an efficient and ecological cleaning, at the same time. Due to the combination between technology, personal attention, maintenance and rigorous checking, Garderobia is offering a professional service perfect for even the most pretentious garments.